Canadian Indigenous Investment Summit

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8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Tuesday, 7th May 2024, Mansion House, City of London

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50 bn C$
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About the Event

Welcome to a pivotal gathering designed for investors and partners focusing on the promising sectors of Canada's energy, natural resources and infrastructure. This event highlights the investment opportunities within these essential industries, emphasising the critical role of Indigenous communities in driving sustainable growth.

As we explore the heart of Canada's economic powerhouses, we aim to deepen your understanding of the business landscape, enriched by cultural ties and partnerships with Indigenous peoples. Recognising the value of these collaborations, we provide a platform for insightful discussions, strategic networking, and the creation of valuable connections that honour and integrate the wisdom of Indigenous communities.

Join us to navigate the opportunities within Canada's energy, natural resources and infrastructure sectors, facilitated by the involvement of Indigenous Peoples. This event is your gateway to mastering the complexities of the Canadian market, ensuring your investments yield financial returns and contribute positively to the social and environmental well-being of the nation.

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Panel Discussion 1

Navigating the Future: Energy Transition and Indigenous Leadership in Canada

Chaired by:

Lisa Raitt

Hon. Lisa Raitt

Managing Director & Vice Chair, Global Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets

Former Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, Labour and Transport

More About Hon. Lisa Raitt:

Hon. Lisa Raitt, a former Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, Labour, and Transport, has a rich background in both public service and the private sector, notably in energy and natural resources. Currently, as Vice-Chair of Global Investment Banking at CIBC Capital Markets, she leverages her extensive experience to drive sustainable development and inclusive growth, particularly in sectors critical to Indigenous engagement and investment in Canada. Her commitment to public service and advocacy highlights her as a pivotal figure in Canada's economic landscape.

At the heart of Canada's shift towards sustainable energy lies not only a transition from traditional to renewable sources but also a profound commitment to inclusive growth and collaboration with Indigenous communities. This panel discussion offers an in-depth look at Canada's energy transition, highlighting the indispensable role of Indigenous knowledge, leadership, and partnership in driving this transformation forward.

Join us as we explore the opportunities that the energy transition presents for investment managers, focusing on integrating Indigenous communities in the development of renewable energy projects. Our panel of experts will discuss the multifaceted aspects of this shift, including the evolving policy landscape, the surge in green technology investments, and the innovative ways Indigenous communities are leading and benefiting from these changes.

Discover how Indigenous partnerships are not only a legal requirement but a cornerstone of sustainable development in Canada's energy sector. Learn about the creation of jobs, the fostering of community well-being, and the preservation of the land through respectful, collaborative projects that align with the values and priorities of Indigenous Peoples.

This discussion is an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights into how your investments can support and participate in a future that respects the land and its original stewards. By attending, you'll uncover how to make your investment strategies not just profitable but also contribute to social equity, environmental stewardship, and the collaborative spirit of Canada's energy transition.

Book your conference spot today to be part of a transformative dialogue that bridges investment opportunities with the vital contributions of Indigenous communities, ensuring a sustainable, inclusive energy future for Canada.

Bernd Christmas

Bernd Christmas K.C.

Managing Partner, Bernd Christmas Law Group

More About Bernd Christmas K.C.

Bernd Christmas K.C., Senior Counsel to JFK LLP.  Most recently, he was the Managing Partner at Bernd Christmas Law Group, which specialises in corporate, commercial, and Indigenous Peoples law. With a distinguished career, he currently sits on the investment committee for the $23B settlement related to Child Welfare in Canada and is a Partner in Longhouse Capital. He has held roles as CEO and General Counsel of Gitpo Storms Corporation, CEO of Nch’Kay ( Squamish Nation’s business corporation), CEO Oil Sands Development for Fort McKay First Nation, Partner at Cassels Brock LLP, and Senior Vice-President at Hill & Knowlton Canada. He is one of the newly appointed King's Counsel for being part of the 14 outstanding Nova Scotia lawyers. Christmas, the first Mi'kmaw lawyer in Canada, has a profound understanding of Aboriginal perspectives, bolstered by his experience as CEO of the Membertou Band and Corporate Division. His career includes significant negotiations for the Membertou band and leadership roles on various national and international boards, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada Post and the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna amongst many others.

Tabatha Bull Revision

Tabatha Bull

President and CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

More About Tabatha Bull

Tabatha Bull, President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, is an Anishinaabe from Nipissing First Nation. Her leadership at CCAB focuses on supporting a prosperous Indigenous economy through reconciliation. As an electrical engineer, she advocates for Indigenous inclusion within Canada's energy sector. Recognized for her contributions, Tabatha received the 2022 CEO of the Year award from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, she was named one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2023 and also earned a spot as a Top 100 Lobbyist, highlighting her influence and advocacy for Indigenous interests. Her role extends to advising the federal government on Indigenous economic development and participating in various advisory boards and councils to enhance Indigenous business representation.

Chief David Jimmie

Chief David Jimmie

Leader of Squiala First Nation, Ts’elxweyeqw Tribe and Sto:lo Nation Chiefs’ Council

More About Chief David Jimmie

Chief David Jimmie is renowned for his contributions to community progress and intercommunity partnerships. As a collaborative leader, he lends his expertise to establish growth opportunities while serving his community and the organisations which sustain it. His initiatives have significantly benefited Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the Chilliwack area, earning him accolades such as the Business Award of Distinction, the Queen Diamond Jubilee Award, Chamber Director of the Year Award, and Community-Owned Business of the Year Award. Chief Jimmie is a strong believer in education and leads by example with an MBA from Simon Fraser University and is a licensed residential builder. His leadership can be found in many organisations, such as Chair of the Western Indigenous Pipeline Group, positioned to buy one of the largest infrastructure projects in Canada. Chief Jimmie’s dedication to community enhancement and cooperative efforts marks him as a pivotal figure in promoting the well-being and advancement of his community and Nations throughout British Columbia and Canada.

Terri Lynn Morrison

Terri Lynn Morrison

Indigenous Engagement Consultant, Creative Fire

More About Terri Lynn Morrison

Terri Lynn Morrison is a distinguished Mi'gmaq executive from Listuguj, Quebec, known for her expertise in facilitating discussions across Indigenous communities, government, and industries, fostering consensus and collaboration. Recognised with awards like the Rising Star from Techno Centre Eolienne Quebec in 2016, she has significantly contributed to projects like the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n Wind Farm and has been honoured for her excellence in Human Resource Management. An influential panellist and speaker, Morrison has shared her insights on Indigenous partnerships through various platforms, including the Globe, Vanity Community Investment Bank, and CCAB. A leader in clean energy, she has mentored over 120 Catalysts with Indigenous Clean Energy. 

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Panel Discussion 2

Building Tomorrow: Indigenous Partnerships in Canadian Infrastructure

Chaired by:

Lynn Parsons

Lynn Parsons

Partner, McCarthy Tétrault Financial
Services Group in Toronto

More About Lynn Parsons

Lynn Parsons, a distinguished partner at McCarthy Tétrault’s Toronto office, will chair a panel at our forthcoming event. Excelling in project finance and secured lending, her expertise shines in advising financial institutions and borrowers in the energy, infrastructure, and mining sectors. Acknowledged by leading legal directories for her contributions to project finance, energy (electricity), infrastructure law, and banking & financial institutions, Lynn's role in high-profile transactions and her leadership within the legal community mark her as a pivotal contributor to our discussion.

The future of infrastructure in Canada is being reimagined through the lens of partnership and sustainability, where the involvement of Indigenous communities is not just beneficial but essential. This panel discussion aims to illuminate the transformative role that these collaborations play in shaping Canada's infrastructure landscape, from urban development to energy corridors and beyond.

Engage with our panel of distinguished experts as they delve into the complexities and opportunities of integrating Indigenous perspectives and leadership in infrastructure projects. This conversation will cover the groundbreaking approaches to partnership that respect Indigenous rights and territories while also unlocking new avenues for investment and development.

We will explore the innovative models of Indigenous co-ownership, job creation, and environmental stewardship that are setting new standards for how infrastructure projects are conceived and executed in Canada. Learn about the legal frameworks, policy initiatives, and success stories that highlight the mutual benefits of these partnerships, offering a blueprint for future projects.

This panel is an essential opportunity for investment managers seeking to align their portfolios with projects that not only yield financial returns but also contribute to Canada's reconciliation process and sustainable development goals. By focusing on projects that incorporate Indigenous knowledge, consent, and participation, investors can play a pivotal role in building an inclusive, resilient infrastructure network.

Reserve your place now to discover how your investment strategies can support infrastructure development honouring the land and its original stewards, fostering long-term growth and community well-being. Be at the forefront of this critical dialogue on building a more connected, sustainable Canada in partnership with Indigenous communities.

Hillary Thatcher

Hillary Thatcher

Managing Director, Investments, Canada Infrastructure Bank

More About Hillary Thatcher

Hillary Thatcher is Managing Director of Investments, leading the CIB’s Indigenous Infrastructure team. In her role, Hillary is responsible for the CIB’s engagement with Indigenous communities, advancing investments in Indigenous infrastructure projects consistent with key priority areas.


Previously Director General of Innovation and Services at Indigenous Services Canada, Hillary spent 15 years with the Ontario government in senior roles across Indigenous Affairs, Energy and Infrastructure, and Natural Resources. Hillary has a proven track record of building linkages among Indigenous, government and industry interests.


Hillary is Métis and has been an active member of the urban Indigenous community of Toronto through her volunteer roles at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Red Sky Performance and the Downie Wenjak Fund.


Hillary graduated from Concordia University in Montreal and the University of Victoria.

Chief Derek Epp

Chief Derek Epp

Chief of Tzeachten First Nation

More About Chief Derek Epp

Chief Derek Epp, known by his Xwelmexw name Weli’leq, is deeply rooted in his heritage as a descendant of the Wealick family. Raised in Ch'íyáqtel (Tzeachten) First Nation from a young age, Derek developed a profound connection to the land and community, fueling his dedication to serve and positively impact the Ch'íyáqtel community. With a background in Social Work and Business Administration, Derek brings a balance of pursuing economic development while balancing the holistic needs of his community. Increasing economic development opportunities while securing sustainable revenue streams for Ch'íyáqtel and First Nations across Canada is something that has become a passion of Derek’s as he continues to plan for the next 7 generations.

Harold Calla

Harold Calla

Executive Chair of First National Financial Management Board (FNFMB)

More About Harold Calla

Harold Calla, of the Squamish Nation, is the Executive Chair of the First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB), which supports First Nations by facilitating access to capital markets and offering financial governance certifications. He has been instrumental in developing key legislation to enhance First Nations' autonomy and has held leadership roles on several corporate boards, including Trans Mountain Corporation and BC Ferry Services Inc. Recognized for his achievements in Indigenous financial management, Calla has received multiple awards and has advocated for Indigenous rights and financial independence internationally, including presentations at the United Nations and in Australia.

Fred Di Blasio-1

Fred Di Blasio

Co-Founder, Managing Partner
And Chief Executive
Officer Of Longhouse Capital Partners

More About Fred Di Blasio
Fred is a proud member of the Huron-Wendat Nation and Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Longhouse Capital Partners. He also serves as a Trustee of the Huron-Wendat Rockmont Reserve Trust ($149M) and is an Economic Advisor to the Assembly of First Nations on Closing the Infrastructure Gap.

Prior to co-founding Longhouse, Fred served as Executive Vice President for Nch’Kay Development Corporation, the economic development arm of the Squamish Nation ($1.4B Sen̓áḵw Development). Fred is an experienced executive with a proven track record at AT&T, TELUS and INVIDI Technologies ($300M exit) with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions (over $100B of deals), corporate development and marketing.
A respected media commentator and speaker, Fred’s insights have been sought by BNN, The Globe & Mail - Report on Business, Report on Business Magazine, the Toronto Star, and the National Post. 
Chief Don Maracle Revision

Chief Don Maracle

Chief of the Mohawks at Tyendinaga


More About Chief Don Maracle
Chief Don Maracle brings over three decades of leadership experience, having served as the elected Chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte for 31 years and currently holding the position of incumbent Chief. Prior to assuming the role of Chief, he held the position of elected Councillor for 12 years.

In addition to his role as Chief, he chairs the Ontario Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure and contributes as a member of the AFN Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure. He also serves as a member of the Ontario Chiefs Committee on Health and has previously served as a Director at the First Nations Technical Institute.

Furthermore, Chief Maracle holds a directorship position on both the Mohawks Golf Course Board and the Yaote Board of Directors, overseeing two green energy partnership projects—one wind and one solar—that are dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions.
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Guests of Honour

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli

695th Lord Mayor of the City of London
& Alderman of Broad Street Ward, London

Connect on LinkedIn:
Honourable Ralph Goodale

Hon. Ralph Goodale

High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization

Alderman Robert Hughes-Penney

Alderman Robert Hughes-Penney

Investment Director, Rathbones  &
Alderman of Ward of Cheap, City of London

Connect on LinkedIn:

Event Details

Seize this unique opportunity at an event poised to transform your business outlook and elevate your engagement strategy within the Canadian market. Secure your place now for an unforgettable foray into the nexus of cultural integration and investment returns.

Dynamic Panels with Indigenous and Business Luminaries

Take part in our Interactive Panels featuring an esteemed assembly of Indigenous and Business Experts. These sessions offer an unparalleled chance to gain firsthand knowledge about the nuanced complexities of conducting business in Canada through an Indigenous lens. Uncover the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for market engagement that surpass conventional business wisdom. Gain insights from these interactive discussions to create meaningful connections and drive growth.

In-Depth Roundtable Discussions with Indigenous Visionaries

Join in thoughtful Roundtable Conversations with pioneering Indigenous Leaders on key business topics. Engage directly with Indigenous entrepreneurs and professionals in five compelling sessions that dissect the art of establishing significant connections, navigating culturally sensitive market entry, and realising collaborative opportunities. These discussions promise to deepen your understanding of the Canadian market, equipping you to engage both authentically and effectively.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Maximise your experience with exclusive networking sessions during breakfast and luncheon, where you can connect with Indigenous leaders and professionals. These informal gatherings are designed to facilitate personal introductions, allow for the exchange of ideas, and foster lasting relationships with key figures who are integral to shaping the future of Canada's economic landscape. Engage in dynamic conversations, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations that align with your goals and values while immersing yourself in forward-thinking innovation.


8:00 - 9:00

Breakfast Meet & Greet

9:00 - 9:35


9:35 - 10:05

Opening Address

Guest of Honour:

The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of the City of London Michael Mainelli
High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization
Hon. Ralph Goodale
10:05 - 10:50

First Panel Discussion

Navigating the Future: Energy Transition and Indigenous Leadership in Canada

Chaired by Hon. Lisa Raitt, Managing Director & Vice Chair, Global Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets, Former Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, Labour and Transport
10:50 - 11:20

Tea & Coffee Break

10:50 - 12:05

Second Panel Discussion

Building Tomorrow: Indigenous Partnerships in Canadian Infrastructure

Chaired by Lynn Parsons, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault Financial Services Group in Toronto
12:05 - 13:15

Indigenous Leaders Roundtable Discussions

13:15 - 13:25

Closing Address

Guest of Honour
Alderman Robert Hughes-Penney
13:25 - 13:30

Closing Remarks

13:30 - 15:00

Networking Luncheon

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Connect, converse, and collaborate at the Canadian Indigenous Investment Summit’s dedicated networking sessions. Begin with our 'Networking Breakfast', where you can share insights over coffee with industry leaders and Indigenous visionaries. Our 'Luncheon Meet-and-Greet' offers a relaxed atmosphere to foster meaningful discussions and establish partnerships that could shape the future of investment in Indigenous-led projects. Don’t miss these rare occasions to build alliances and engage directly with the driving forces behind Canada’s economic innovation.

Co-Chairs of the Conference

Robert Brant

Robert Brant

Managing Partner, McCarthy Tétrault in London, England

More About Robert Brant

Rob has been practicing corporate law in London since 1998 prior to which he practiced in Toronto for several years. He remains dual qualified and specialises in Canadian transactions involving foreign investors/partners. He is a past President of the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce where he is currently the Co-chair of its Energy Forum. He is also the Chair of the Maple Leaf Trust which supports a variety of causes including Canadian veterans and students living in the United Kingdom and the UK Terry Fox Run for cancer research in the UK.

Connect with Robert Brant on:
Mark Magnacca-1

Mark Magnacca

CEO & Founder, gigCMO

More About Mark Magnacca

With over 35 years of business expertise, Mark has held senior leadership positions across diverse industries.  As the Founder and CEO of gigCMO Ltd, based in Cheapside in London, Mark specialises in assisting UK enterprises and investors in accessing Canadian and international markets. He also works closely with Canadian organisations to establish a strong UK and European presence. With his extensive knowledge in cross-border expansion and foreign direct investment, Mark will provide invaluable insights as he leads discussions and panels at this conference.

Connect with Mark Magnacca on:

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Cedar LNG: One of the largest Indigenous-Infrastruture Projects in Canada. Source: Canadian Energy Centre &
Energy Projects with Indigenous Equity in Canada. Source: Fasken
Distribution of Canadian Energy Projects. Source: Fasken
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Canadian Indigenous Investment Summit

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