What does a possible roadmap look like?

It is essential to recognise that each business encounters its own set of distinctive challenges and priorities. With this in mind, our roadmap provides invaluable guidance to assist you in comprehending how our services can effectively cater to your specific needs and goals. By understanding the intricacies of your requirements and objectives, we can craft a tailored approach that ensures our services address your unique circumstances and propel your business towards success.

gigCMO - FCMO SME Roadmap

Why the Fractional CMO Service?

The Fractional CMO Service Blueprint

Daily Markeing Intervention
Daily Marketing Intervention

Every day, we collaborate closely with your operations team, guaranteeing that all marketing and business development initiatives are delivered promptly, within budget, and aligned with your overall strategy.

FCMO Page - Weekly Pipeline & Metrics Review
Weekly Pipeline & Metrics Review

We gather with the core marketing, sales, or operations team every week to meticulously analyse metrics and lead pipelines. Based on our findings, we make necessary adjustments to our go-to-market activities.

FCMO Page - Top Management Review
Top Management Review

We actively engage in monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly top management reviews, collaborating with other key stakeholders to harmonise marketing efforts with the overarching business strategy.

Proven Outcomes of Growth-Focused Marketing Strategy Leadership

Discover Your Value Proposition

Gain a deeper understanding of your unique value proposition and get to know your customers on a whole new level.

Supercharge Lead Generation

Experience a boost in lead generation and witness improved business performance like never before.

Master Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Gain access to a well-structured and effective go-to-market strategy that will set you apart from the competition.

Maximise Profits and Achievements

Elevate your profits and achieve remarkable milestones in your business journey.

Empower Your Marketing Team

Enhance the skills and capabilities of your junior marketing team, fostering growth and excellence.

Streamlined Marketing and Sales

A transparent and intuitive structure for marketing and sales, expertly crafted to simplify and enhance the entire process.

Case Study

Consolidate the business foundation for market expansion

In a highly competitive market, logistics company F has experienced substantial revenue growth and has successfully expanded into new business areas to meet the needs of its customers with our Fractional CMO Service which have played a pivotal role in supporting F's marketing strategy and our specialised marketing capabilities to deliver the marketing activities.

As a result, the company is actively acquiring and expanding new business areas, for which, we have collaborated with F to take a step back and assess their business model, ultimately identifying a new revenue stream. Through our review, we have recommended the creation of new business divisions or units that complement F's existing operations. Additionally, we have advised the establishment of a separate brand and business structure. With these strategic changes in place, F has set an ambitious target to double (??) its revenue growth in the coming year and is currently implementing the necessary business structure to expand into new markets and business units.

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