Our Marketing Competency Development Roadmap

At every step of our Marketing Competency Development, we work diligently to enhance your marketing strategies, optimise resources, and drive growth for your business.

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Step 1

We meticulously identify gaps in your growth strategy and go-to-market activities. Our goal is to pinpoint areas where improvements and optimisations can be made to drive your business forward.

Step 2

Once we've identified the gaps, we move on to determining the most suitable structure and processes to address them. This step involves developing a clear roadmap and action plan to streamline your marketing efforts.

Step 3

We evaluate your existing in-house capabilities and identify areas where external resources may be needed. Our aim is to bridge any gaps in resources efficiently to support your marketing objectives.

Step 4

In this phase, we assess both your in-house and external competencies and capabilities. This thorough evaluation ensures that all resources are aligned with your business goals and strategies.

Step 5

Our team conducts a comprehensive screening process, applying a set of criteria to both your in-house resources and outsourced capabilities. This ensures that all elements of your marketing strategy meet the highest standards.

Step 6

We facilitate a seamless onboarding process to integrate any new resources or strategies into your existing operations. Our aim is to minimise disruption while maximising the benefits of the changes made.

Step 7

Our commitment to your success doesn't stop after the onboarding process. We continue to support your business by fostering in-house capability development and conducting ongoing evaluations. 

Evolution of Marketing Team's Roles & Responsibilities 

Evolution of Marketing Team's Roles & Responsibilities

As businesses strive to adapt and thrive, the roles and responsibilities of marketing professionals have undergone a significant transformation. Gone are the days of traditional advertising and one-size-fits-all campaigns. Today's marketing teams must be agile, strategic, and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to navigate the digital realm effectively.

At gigCMO, we understand the critical role that marketing plays in driving business growth. We recognise the importance of building a marketing team that aligns with your unique strategy. Our expertise is helping our clients develop the right resources, structure, and processes to achieve their strategic goals. From identifying immediate capabilities to transferring knowledge and capabilities over time, we provide the leadership and guidance needed to build a high-performing marketing team.

In the post-pandemic era, marketing teams must adapt and respond to changing consumer behaviours and market trends. Our approach goes beyond traditional recruitment by offering strategic insights and expertise that empower your organisation to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. With our help, you can harness the power of marketing to drive growth, build brand loyalty, and achieve long-term success. Below, we outline how we've meticulously identified key capabilities and roles within various teams to deliver on your business growth strategy.

First In-House Marketing Resource

Analytical and Creative Thinking

Marketing has evolved into a highly specialised field encompassing analysis, creativity, technology and project management. Funnels, flywheels, inbound, outbound are combined with acronyms like SEM, SEO, GBP and the like. Whether you are a startup, scaleup, or SME, do not expect one individual to be a super hero. Instead, what you need is someone with an understanding of the marketing concept, possessing strong analytical skills to decipher data and evaluate performance, and adept project management skills to coordinate and track various marketing activities as well as the ability to execute a go-to-market strategy using both internal and external resources. A proactive mindset is critical and the ability to consider how to test and learn will bring evolution and innovation to marketing initiatives.

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Analytical and Creative Thinking
Adding Marketing Breadth & Depth

Metric Driven Management

As you add marketing capabilities, the need to prioritise within marketing and coordinate across the organisation becomes paramount. The need for an individual who can comprehend the customer journey from prospect to customer to champion becomes crucial . This role requires an individual who can provide guidance to the marketing team, collaborate with the sales team and who has the ability to develop a lead structure that aligns with the sales funnels. They must be metric driven with the ability communicate the myriad of marketing metrics into a cohesive story that demonstrates performance and identity and leverage strengths and address weaknesses in marketing initiatives.

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Metric Driven Management
Empowering Sales

The Shift Towards Customer-Centric Inbound Sales

Today, potential customers are already researching how to address key business issues and key leverage points. They expect potential vendors to have a deep understanding of the environment and context in which problems arise. The key focus now is on delivering substantial value to customers and cultivating a loyal customer base that generates sustainable revenue for the business. Inbound Sales differs from traditional selling techniques as it prioritises understanding the customers and providing solutions to their problems. The marketing team has an essential role to bring together all of the insights into customers - won and lost - and convert these into powerful content to drive organic leads and effective sales aids and tools. Sales and marketing must be united in their mission.

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The Shift Towards Customer-Centric Inbound Sales

Key Topics in Developing Marketing Competencies

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Adopting a Growth Mindset: Fostering Continuous Improvement in Marketing Capabilities

Adapting and improving is key to long-term success with the continuous evolution of consumer preferences, technology, and market dynamics. We have explored the essential elements of fostering continuous improvement in marketing capabilities. 

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How Do Businesses Identify and Capitalise on Emerging Trends?

Cultivate a culture of continuous learning and adaptation within your business. By remaining adaptable and open to adjustments, your business can proactively navigate the changing landscape of emerging trends.

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