What is your possible AI use case, and how well can you adopt AI?


Entrepreneurs and business leaders are urged to acknowledge the indispensable role of generative AI. It can revolutionise your operations in various domains, and the barriers to implementation are manageable. Failing to take action can result in losing your competitive edge. Thus, it's essential to collaborate with your team to develop strategies for leveraging generative AI to transform your business and use existing software features.

To determine your organisation's readiness, conduct a self-assessment that evaluates the business case for AI, investment needs, and necessary transformative changes. It assesses your operation's technical capabilities and identifies strategic opportunities. It aims to uncover AI prospects and evaluate your preparedness for transformative changes.


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Business Model Canvas

A visual framework with nine key components to scrutinise and refine your business model. Covering customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, essential resources, activities, partnerships, and cost structure, it's a powerful tool for creating and capturing value.

Conference speech

Our COO, Siyuan Ren, delves into the omnipresence of AI in today's business landscape. Explore key considerations for adoption, such as revisiting your business foundation, embracing the concept of "Generation AI," and navigating the nuances of AI risks and ethics.

Generative AI Use Case

McKinsey & Company recognises the diverse organisational requirements for generative AI. Understand that different applications demand varying levels of resources and infrastructure. Some may thrive with minimal investment, while others necessitate robust support.

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