What does a possible roadmap look like?

Please note that every business faces its own unique challenges and priorities. The roadmap presented below serves as a reference to assist you in comprehending how our services can assist you. The numbers indicated in the roadmap reflect the relevant modules of our Business Growth Playbook v2.1.

gigCMO - FCMO Scaleup Roadmap

Why the Fractional CMO Service?

Case Studies

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Marketing Manager + Agencies

Company D, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business, had achieved significant growth but was now stagnating. Their first CMO had burned through the initial fundraise

The primary challenge stemmed from a lack of a comprehensive marketing strategy and go-to-market programme. At first, they entrusted a lone marketing intern to handle all tactical responsibilities without guidance, only to realise that it was ineffective. 

Consequently, Company D found itself in a desperate search for a middle-level marketing manager. Unfortunately, even with a higher salary, they could not find someone with the skills and knowledge required to drive effective marketing activities in all specialised areas.

In an effort to fill the void, Company D turned to multiple marketing agencies. While there are many reputable agencies available, this approach proved to be costly and presented its own set of challenges.

One of the main difficulties was aligning the multiple agencies with the company's overall marketing strategy. Each agency had its own approach and strategies, which didn't always align with the core business objectives that Company D wanted to maintain internally.

In summary, relying on a middle-level marketing manager to oversee external agencies is ineffective for scale-ups. These managers often lack the expertise needed to develop high-level strategies and may not have the specialised knowledge required to execute all aspects of modern marketing activities.

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Building In-House Capabilities

To expand its market share and venture into new territories, a data solution Company W recognises the need for enhanced marketing capabilities.

They approached us to refine their marketing strategy. We evaluated their business models and value propositions, creating a dynamic go-to-market programme for growth.

To effectively execute the planned marketing initiatives, we helped Company W identify the necessary skills and bring on board a marketing assistant. During the recruitment process, we emphasised evaluating their attitude and growth potential.

Our primary focus with Company W is to:

  • Develop and guide their in-house marketing assistant to initiate go-to-market activities aligned with the overall strategy.
  • Coaching the marketing assistant to conduct activities according to our Playbook and creatively enhance and optimise activities to attract and convert customers.
  • Leverage our SEO, content writing, and lead management expertise to deliver results and transfer knowledge to the marketing assistant.

Through our approach, we have witnessed ever-improving results for Company W with:

  • effectively executed activities aligned with our proven Playbook, driving their strategy forward,
  • improving performance in various marketing metrics, and showcasing their dedication and progress.
  • increased internal cohesion to drive the business forward.

Proven Outcomes of Growth-Focused Marketing Strategy Leadership

Discover Your Value Proposition

Gain a deeper understanding of your unique value proposition and get to know your customers on a whole new level.

Supercharge Lead Generation

Experience a boost in lead generation and witness improved business performance like never before.

Master Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Gain access to a well-structured and effective go-to-market strategy that will set you apart from the competition.

Maximise Profits and Achievements

Elevate your profits and achieve remarkable milestones in your business journey.

Empower Your Marketing Team

Enhance the skills and capabilities of your junior marketing team, fostering growth and excellence.

Streamlined Marketing and Sales

A transparent and intuitive structure for marketing and sales, expertly crafted to simplify and enhance the entire process.

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