Finding Experts that Deliver a Return on the Marketing Investment

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What we do for businesses at gigCMO is unique. We are commercially driven business leaders who know how to use marketing to drive revenue growth and achieve the commercial objectives of CEOs and Founders. That's not the same as being a marketing company or a directory of Fractional CMOs. We are a complete, tried and tested service with a singular goal - to help businesses go to the next level. 

Businesses that benefit from our Fractional CMO service

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two - and only two - basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business." - Peter Drucker
Most companies we work with are scale-ups, established SMEs and sometimes start-ups, mainly in the B2B sectors, although not exclusively. They usually seek to benefit from the experience of people who have worked as CEOs and business leaders who have risen through the marketing side of the business and understand how to use it strategically.  
More often than not, those businesses have grown due to their skills, networks and referrals, and they are concerned their growth rate may be plateauing. Alternatively, they have an idea and may have put together a minimum viable proposition; they know their product or service exceptionally well and have gained some initial traction in the market. But then what? How do you grow it, get more customers and create a process that will take the business to the next level? 
They know what they do - that's their expertise, but they don't know how to reach more customers strategically, measurably and with intent. That's what our Fractional CMO service provides - business leadership and business development through marketing. 

How to grow your business with a Fractional CMO service 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein on the value of an outside perspective 
At gigCMO, we work closely with the existing teams and capabilities within a business. As a result, although we are an outsourced service with all the essential benefits of an outside perspective, we are also like team members. We take the time to get to know individuals; we have daily interventions, weekly sales funnel surgery with the founder or CEO and monthly strategy reviews with the top team.  
Businesses and business leaders with an appetite for growth know their industry and product. They don't need another expert in what they do. Their challenge is to understand how to grow their business. Those are the businesses we set out to work with; if you know your product, we can offer the outside perspective that will attract customers.  
We know how to kick the proverbial tyres the same way a customer would. We know when a freemium offer, guided selling software and increased customer engagement provide a better outcome than an overt, direct sales approach. We also know how to help you develop and implement strategic processes around that to ultimately drive measurable sales in line with targets, whether it is a software as a service (SaaS) business or an opera company. 
One of the crucial things that set us apart is that while we're an external organisation, we have always operated on the client side, and that's where our vested interest lies. We're not a consulting firm, and every team member has been a leader in business, a CEO, a CMO or a key member of a senior leadership team (SLT). When we work with you, we apply experience and knowledge learned through battling in the marketplace day in and day out.
As a result, we also know that the success of a business is all about customer experience. That starts from the first moment a potential customer hears about you to the first conversation and after-sales support. We work with you and your team to ensure that every touchpoint is considered and cared for, not only in the initial instance but that it evolves as customer expectations and wants change and the marketplace evolves. 

Where to grow your business 

Where to grow your business is also a fundamental part of marketing strategy. Many companies we talk to are trying to strengthen their presence in the home market, whether in Europe, the UK, America, Canada, the GCC or China - all locations where we have clients. That's one entirely valid and essential way to grow, which may involve reaching as much of the viable market as possible or expanding into adjacent value propositions and service areas through partnerships and strategic areas of opportunity
However, many other businesses seek to take advantage of expanding into new country markets for the first time. Everyone has a bias, and many fail to remember the effort, including the investment required to grow in their home market. A new market entry requires the same commitment and drive to succeed against entrenched local firms. 
Whichever way a business seeks to grow, fundamental steps need to be taken from a marketing perspective to create a roadmap and deliverables to maximise the opportunities for success.  

The Fractional CMO service with a tried and tested playbook 

"Religiously, it is said that god created man. I am only a guide. I allow others to express what they have in them. I have not created anything. I am a facilitator of what is beautiful in man." - Arsene Wenger.  
We have highlighted the skills that set us apart and the critical space in which we can help to grow your business. The final part of the trinity is in our methodology. This is what separates us from the role of an individual CMO or team member. Companies that work with our Fractional CMO service need to access the experience and skills of a commercially driven marketing leader who has repeatedly succeeded in delivering revenue growth and return on marketing investment. Our playbook ensures that delivery is consistent with best practices and strengthens the capability of our clients to succeed. 
Our playbook has been developed using the best business school strategies. It includes the input of thought leaders and the on-the-job experience of our team. It's also been tested repeatedly in real-life scenarios and is consistently adapted to the evolving challenges and opportunities that businesses face and is entirely customised to individual clients. 
A playbook is not a formula to plug clients into. It's a living organism that provides a framework within which we can help businesses grow. It allows us to take the different situations we have experienced in various industries, companies, periods and circumstances and see them from every other vantage point. If we see the same challenge a hundred times over in a hundred different businesses, our playbook allows us to analyse it and react to the specifics of this scenario. As a result, our Fractional CMO service continues to improve with each passing day – and clients always get the best of our service with regular updates, just like the OS on your devices.  

In addition, we are proactive about analysing actions to optimise the efforts of your business. We begin with an analysis of capabilities, and we are a metric-driven partner, so you can see where progress is made and things can be improved.  
The lack of measurability in marketing is a historic frustration among business leaders. The adage is, 'I know that 50% of my marketing spend is wasted, but I don't know which 50%'. By bringing together data, analytics, world-class tools and the business leader mindset that understands the strategy, goals and which metrics to look at along the way, gigCMO's Fractional CMO service removes that frustration, achieves results and provides a trusted partner to work with on that journey. 
As we said, we're business people who know how to leverage marketing capabilities for business success. 
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