The Story Behind gigCMO

The Story Behind gigCMO

We do that by enabling you to access some of the most experienced and talented business leaders available.

The most successful business leaders are those with an innate understanding of the customer – whatever industry you are in – they understand the importance of strategy and tactics, value propositions, pain points, insight, and execution. Most of those battle-tested individuals have come up through the marketing and sales sides of leading organisations – Chief Marketing Officers.

Years ago, gaining access to a credible CMO meant a long-time consuming process - hiring a head-hunter, providing a very significant offer, waiting for the exit from the previous employer, and then onboarding them. It could take a year to get the right candidate in your organisation. Of course, your partner at the headhunter had the contacts - what used to be referred to as the “roledex” - was very professional, a wonderful conversationalist, and very re-assuring.

Even the head-hunters realised this was not an optimal solution and started to provide interim CMOs. However, it still was a time consuming and expensive proposition. Of course, the partner was as professional, wonderful, and confident as ever.

Over time, some firms decided to just go-direct. They hired an individual who had been highly recommended by a close confidant. However, they also quickly realised they had set themselves up for a dependency. The person they hired has a self-interest in pro-longing the engagement. In addition, off-payroll working (IR35) has brought an additional set of complexities. And of course, there is still a difficult conversation to tell someone their services are not needed anymore.

gigCMO solves all of the hassles of bringing in the talent when you need it and only for as long as you need it.

We have a rigorous methodology to ensure only the best CMOs represent gigCMO.

And most importantly, we have three solutions to address your need for business and marketing talent that will provide an objective and outside perspective

1) gigCMO Roundtable

Sometimes you need to "test the waters" on a new idea or to validate the effectiveness of a marketing and sales programme. Our Virtual RoundTable© brings multiple perspectives from the most relevant, experienced marketing and sales leaders to provide you with the strategic input you need on the critical business issues and opportunities your team is facing. It is immediate and no long-term commitment is required.

2) Talent On Demand

gigCMO provides access to top talent without the long term commitment - what we call Fractional Talent. Whether it is to bring new growth, stop the erosion in current revenue or strengthen your talent bench, gigCMO provides an easy, on-demand solution when you need to be proven, battle-tested leadership with deep expertise in modern marketing in your industry or functional area. And of course, each engagement is fully supported by all the talent and brainpower of gigCMO.

3) CEO Whisperer

The term “whisperer” refers to those gifted with a deep understanding of executive psychology, enabling those who can “whisper” to help a CEO drive the performance of their organisation. The key is to prevent insularity as there is always a danger of being blindsided by a competitor or a market disruption. It is a bespoke and discrete service. Please contact our CEO directly to discuss this service in greater detail.

4) CMO Whisperer

Complementing our CEO Whisperer programme, our CMO Whisperer service helps prepare individuals to be ready for the most senior levels in the organisation and ensures the organisation benefits from improved marketing performance at a strategic as well as tactical level.

Whatever the business challenge, contact us for a no-risk, obligation-free discussion.

We continue to systematically explore the origins, role, and future of fractional talent and the benefits to businesses large and small. In fact, we wrote a book on the subject “The Gig Economy:

Things you should know to make your business grow”. If you would like your free copy, please click here.