How the CMO Role Has Evolved — And What's Next

How the CMO Role Has Evolved — And Whats Next (1)

The role of the chief marketing officer (CMO) has transformed over the last decade. The CMO was formerly the leader in charge of creativity and brand, but today's responsibilities extend far beyond traditional marketing to include technology, analytics, growth, and, most importantly, measurable impact.

According to Gartner, CMOs have a bigger responsibility to serve as a "connector" for every client, both internal and external. They must understand that their most important capability is thoroughly understanding their customers and how to communicate with them effectively. 

The Start of CMOs 

The role of the CMO was established at the start of a commercial era when businesses realised the need to differentiate their products from competitors. Since then, the modern CMO has seen significant evolution.

Initially, marketing leadership focused on traditional advertising, such as billboards, television advertisements, and print ads. These approaches were effective at the time, providing a broad reach while also promoting brand recognition.

However, the advertising landscape shifted with the rapid development of the internet and digital technologies in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Marketers had several channels to select from, including email campaigns and social media marketing advertising. This diversification in the marketing industry resulted in greater complexity in managing and improving these channels.

Companies quickly figured out the need for a top executive officer to handle marketing while aligning it with bigger company objectives. The CMO grew to prominence by ensuring brand communications were consistent, effective, and growth-driven.

While a great CMO adds significant value to a company, many businesses cannot hire a CMO until they have reached a certain stage of growth at which they can afford to hire one. However, you can't get to that level without investing and can't invest unless you're growing. This is where Fractional CMOs come in.

How Do FCMO Services Benefit Organisations? 

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services offer several benefits to organisations, particularly those who may not require a full-time, in-house CMO. Here are some advantages:

Cost-Effective Solution: Organisations can access high-level marketing expertise without the financial commitment associated with a permanent executive position.

Flexibility: This model allows organisations to scale their marketing leadership according to their current needs. Whether it's a short-term project or ongoing strategic guidance, Fractional CMOs can adapt to the business's changing requirements.

Strategic Planning: They can contribute to the development and execution of comprehensive marketing strategies, ensuring alignment with overall business goals.

Fresh Perspective: They can assess the current marketing strategies and offer new insights, identifying areas for improvement and innovation.

Risk Mitigation: Fractional CMOs allow organisations to test the waters with a professional before committing to a permanent hire.

Quick Implementation: They can quickly integrate into the organisation, assess the marketing landscape, and start implementing strategies.

Knowledge Transfer: The organisation's internal marketing team can learn from the expertise of the Fractional CMO, improving their skills and marketing capabilities.

Measurable Results: Their accountability is tied to achieving specific objectives, which can be especially beneficial for organisations seeking a clear return on their marketing investment.

Resource Optimisation: This allows the existing marketing team to focus on day-to-day operations while the Fractional CMO handles the strategic aspects.

How to Find the Perfect FCMO Services 

An experienced Fractional CMO Service can be the right answer if you don't want to spend too much on an entire team or CMO. This is ideal for start-ups prepared to scale up and SMEs that want to accelerate growth.

Focused on developing a holistic strategy

An FCMO Service must have experience in a wide range of industries and situations so they understand which winning strategies are likely to work for your company. They also understand how to use their leadership skills to manage the implementation and deployment of those goals. Moreover, it will help you select indicators and KPIs showing progress toward that objective.

Can deploy a customer-centric approach

Prioritise finding a Fractional CMO Service with a deep understanding of customer behaviour, preferences, and trends. Understanding a customer's needs and taking advantage of data insights allows us to predict audience behaviour, spending history, website analytics, and other areas to forecast outcomes of marketing tactics.

Serves as a mentor, not just a vendor

Great FCMO service function as an extension of your team, working "in" the business and fully integrating with a high level of attention and interest in your organisation's goals and culture. They prioritise results, motivating teams to fully close the gap from strategy to execution, ensuring projects are completed to the most outstanding potential standard.

Not just a marketer, but they transfer the knowledge

Good marketing enhances your brand, raises awareness, produces leads, attracts new customers, and speeds up your growth. Finding a strategy to execute the best marketing possible is vital, especially when times are short. Hiring a Fractional CMO Service with a strong execution team may be a wise decision. You can also expand your team and talents as your business grows. When the time comes, they will assist you in transitioning by creating the appropriate organisational structure and hiring the right individuals.

Drive Commercial Success & Accelerate Business Growth with gigCMO 

Marketing has spent the previous decade preparing for a digital-first world. More than ever, the customer expects you to meet them where they are, anticipate and predict their needs, and provide a great experience regardless of location. We are now ushering in a digital revolution, developing entirely new digital touchpoints for how we engage and serve our target audiences.

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